Who Should Follow ✸ A Spouseful ✸

I’ve always had a honest and transparent relationship with my audience.

Knowing your audience is a course I coach in my upcoming Mommy Retailing Academy.

Before I write, I think about what my audience wants to read. I also discuss this in chapter 16 of my book Mommy Retailing.

I cater to busy moms with hustle-muscle. I’m a straight talker who brings a personable-centered approach to business. I don’t fool with cookie-cutter formulas, overloaded with fast trends and buzz-words or flashy sales techniques. That’s not my style.

I have a passion for being successful. To pay my success forward to people just like me, moms who want the flexibility of staying at home with their kids, and working for themselves and owning their own businesses. Moms who want a choice in the lifestyle they provide for their family. As military families, we don’t get many choices once we do start a family. However, the lifestyle you can create, that’s a choice you do have.

If in your wildest of dreams, would you want to:

1. Spend more time with the family and not miss important milestones.
2. Attend your kid’s events and witness forever memories.
3. Have more date-nights with your spouse and more flexibility in your day’s schedule for baetime.
4. Not compete with other people for vacation time and be able to afford annual vacations.
5. Be your own boss.
6. Have two-hour lunch dates where you can have wine if you want to with your girlfriends.
7. Retire your spouse from full-time employment.
8. Help build your family’s financial security (let’s uncheck the 2-hour wine lunch dates for now)
9. Teach your kids to create their own opportunities in life.
10. Be Oprah! Or build an empire like Mama O.

Hey, our dreams sort of, kind of match. If you answered YES to any of these big hairy, scary dreams, then you are the reason I’m blogging.

I’m living my dream. Well some of them. I never stop dreaming. I started with only $500, and my hope is to help you and inspire you through this blog to start where you are with what you have.

Author: aspouseful