Imagine the season finale of your favorite TV show. I’m currently in post-conference fatigue mode and catching up on all things Shondaland. It got me thinking about that one episode of Grey’s Anatomy (that I’m still recovering from) where McDream became every viewer’s McNightmare and Meredith lost her husband. Millions of broken hearts sat glued to the television wondering what the heck was going to happen next. Week after week I enjoy storyline after storyline

Jacksonville, NC? That’s typically the reaction I get when I hear folks describe their love mostly hate relationship with this city. And if I’m being honest, I’m guilty too. That said, most military towns are known to be more of the same. A mix of low-budget strip clubs, pawn shops, cheap bars and motels, used-car lots, tacky strip malls, big box stores, and way too many fast food restaurants. Not to mention almost everything can

I’m continuing my quest to learn more about what makes Jacksonville, Jacksonville. A Little History The USO in downtown Jacksonville on Tallman Street is the longest operating USO in the world. Eleven percent of U.S. military active duty forces call North Carolina home. With seven major military installations, North Carolina has the fourth largest demographic of active and reserve duty components in the country. This past April, the USO celebrated 75 years of connecting America’s

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article on behalf of AFI & SoFluential Media. After a busy week at the shop, I looked forward to going home, crawling into bed and indulging in my favorite junk foods while catching up on tv shows. Finally a three-day weekend with no commitments, business obligations  or military and kid functions! But wait… After a blissful three days of being the most unproductive mom boss on the planet (no apologies

Jacksonville is quickly becoming a hotspot for young families looking to start a family in a safe and welcoming environment. With so much sporadic growth, the city’s food scene has exploded. I’ll let you be the judge on whether that’s a good or bad thing but I think we can all agree that the city has to step up its game and get creative to please the growing population of millennials as well as the

I have exciting news to share! My business partner Krystel Spell and I finally launched the Rosie planner. The official lifestyle planner designed for today’s military spouse in partnership with our friends at Armed Forces Insurance. Named after our national cultural icon Rosie the Riveter, whose famous words “We can do it” inspired a generation, the Rosie planner can help you do it too! Like Rosie, you are strong and confident. Let Rosie help your

For some people, the motivation to learn their history is mostly due to curiosity. Perhaps you found a photo album full of old family pictures and have no idea who any of the people in them are. Or, maybe you’ve heard stories of an old neighborhood house and wanted to know more. Whatever peaks your curiosity, it’s important to know where you came from and equally important to know where you live. This thought came

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have brought terrible devastation – but also brought out the best in humanity. I’m honored to be a part of Team ROSIE and to donate all net proceeds from qualified jewelry purchases to One America Appeal to help the victims recover. The One America Appeal is a joint appeal by all five living former American Presidents to encourage their fellow citizens to support recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey — which inundated the Texas

It’s easy to become attached to the business idea you had when you first started. But what happens when that idea isn’t producing the number of zeros you are used to making? (i.e. that time I built and ran a six-figure business in another country and I didn’t even speak the language.) Bottom line, the market is what drives business. As the needs of the customer changes, we must be willing to pivot to continue