Despite dire warnings from my military spouse friends of what Fayetteville is or isn’t, I must say they were all wrong. So very wrong. I was excited to join #SoFay17, a behind the scenes tour of Fayetteville, NC. The tour was organized by SoFluential, a digital publishing, marketing, and communications agency owned by my friend Krystel Spell, creator of Army Wife 101; and the Fayetteville Convention and Visitors Bureau. The goal of the tour was

Businesses relocate every day and for many reasons. Mostly to save money or accommodate growth, move closer to customers, or maybe just to enjoy a nicer location that’s more aligned with its target market. Military families typically don’t have the luxury of choosing when and where to move. So where would a business begin to relocate with minimal impact? Here’s the thing: There are no guarantees. But with proper planning and added resources, your business

Let’s start with things that make my lawyer happy. Disclosure: I am not a licensed therapist or licensed anything. I’m not giving marriage advice, but I have been an entrepreneur for almost ten years, and I am celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary this month. So, I speak from experience. Out of all the advice you’re given about how to prepare for marriage, I’d bet money that no on advised you to start a business together

No one is perfect. We all get it wrong sometimes. Making mistakes is often the best teacher. Let’s be real. Who says “I’m going to make a mistake and I will love it.” No one, ever. That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. So how do you turn those “WTF” reactions into teachable moments? Hindsight, that’s how. We lay awake at nights when our brain won’t let us be great

I’m 100% accessible, both as a public figure and as a business owner in the community. The truth is, I have to be accessible for my business to succeed which helps me secure my family’s financial future while helping others do the same. This blog won’t be any different. I’m available to readers who are inspired by my journey and who see themselves reflected in my hustle. I want to hear from you all. I want your questions, emails,

I’ve always had a honest and transparent relationship with my audience. Knowing your audience is a course I coach in my upcoming Mommy Retailing Academy. Before I write, I think about what my audience wants to read. I also discuss this in chapter 16 of my book Mommy Retailing. I cater to busy moms with hustle-muscle. I’m a straight talker who brings a personable-centered approach to business. I don’t fool with cookie-cutter formulas, overloaded with fast trends

I’m often told that I already do a million and one things. My initial response is “so what’s one more thing?” It’s a serious question for a busy mom, wife, and serial entrepreneur like myself. The truth is I have the privilege of being involved in many fascinating ventures on a weekly basis. Blogging will help me bring you all the good snippets of my life and sometimes the bad too, depending on how things


“Who Is Lakesha Cole?”

Hey, friends! I’m Lakesha. Last week I traveled back home to North Carolina, horrible turbulence on my flight, but thankfully in-flight reading kept me sane. I was on a business trip in my dream job capacity as an author and mompreneur. I was stoked about this trip because I finally got to see my friend and business-owner Stacy McCowen who owns the most gorgeous boutique Candle Queen Candles Gift Boutique in Leavenworth. She planned a

From a very young age, I’ve always had an obsession with organizing and keeping a list. Write it down. Do the work. Check it off. On to the next. Now I have many projects to juggle on a daily basis. Some days my to-do list is so long it feels more like a wish list. I struggled with finding a way that helped me get all of my to-do’s out of my head and clearly

  Here’s what they say about Mommy Retailing: ByMara Bon March 28, 2017 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’ve read a lot of How-tos but this book accomplishes exactly what it says the author Lakesha is here to do: “Show you how she did it”. I’m a busy person so I appreciated the orderliness and detail of each step she lays out in her book. Entrepreneurship is serious business, but so too is raising a family and to be given