About Lakesha

I love to work. Odd, I know. Working allows me to share the things I love and inspire other’s along the way.

I love creating things with my hands. I’m obsessed with prints and textiles, DIY projects, office supplies, thrifting, case lot sales at the Commissary and red lipstick. What I love the most are handwritten letters.

A Spouseful is my personal journey to share my life lessons as a working mom of three and military spouse; and how I create and live an inspired life.

I believe sharing is caring. I believe in complimenting myself everyday. I believe in taking time each day to do something for myself. I believe in putting my wellbeing first and the military mission second. I believe things do matter. I believe my most precious things tell the stories of who I am. I believe in loving the space I live in regardless of its age or size. I believe in creating a living space that greets me when I walk through the door. I believe in pursing my passions. I believe in living those passions – all of them. Most of all, I believe that life doesn’t need to be perfect to be fulfilled.

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