4 Places In Near Jacksonville, NC That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Jacksonville is quickly becoming a hotspot for young families looking to start a family in a safe and welcoming environment. With so much sporadic growth, the city’s food scene has exploded. I’ll let you be the judge on whether that’s a good or bad thing but I think we can all agree that the city has to step up its game and get creative to please the growing population of millennials as well as the natives, whose favorite eateries are getting crowded.

From doughnuts to frozen yogurt and everything in between, you’ll find indulgent desserts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth right here in our city.

1. Baked


Down- home-baked goodness is hard to come by these days. BAKED moist and decadent cookies come in tried-and-favored flavors like chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. You simply can’t live in Jacksonville without tasting. Other baked-in-house goods include cinnamon rolls, snicker doodles, coffee cupcakes and more. We ordered the “brownkie” which is half brownie, half cookie and chocolate cupcakes. The “junk” cookie is EVERYTHING but not available every day. Add BAKED to your to-do list this weekend and tell her Lakesha sent you.

2. Brrrberry


It’s never a bad day for frozen yogurt. First, this place is super cute. The colors, design, and decor……brrrillant!!! They offer a tasty selection of froyo with endless toppings from healthy treats like nuts and fruit to downright sinful toppings like Oreos, brownies, candy, and chocolate. When the kiddos bring home a great report card, this is where you reward them.

3. Candy Edventure


So much sweetness in one place. One reviewer wrote, “Candy Edventure is such a happy place to walk into and let your senses explode. Very clean and open with a wide variety of sweets. The staff is very sweet and willing to help and explain their products. It seems nice to see young adults with manners. Ice cream, fudge, candies from the past and present. This is even better than the candy section at Cracker Barrel.”

Yes, please! This was the perfect birthday treat for little Miss Kirby’s.

4. Duck Donuts


Warm, delicious and made-to-order is how Duck’s roll. Not to mention it’s the fastest growing donut shop in the U.S. A Duckzillion Flavors gives you endless combinations to try which is a little intimidating on the first visit. Only because there are so many options. The famous Donut is a freshly made vanilla cake donut that you coat, top and drizzle as you wish. They really do make them just the way you like them.

Author: aspouseful